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Can corruption be wiped out in Guatemala?

President Otto Perez Molina faces impeachment proceedings after string of senior officials resign over fraud scandal.

Political corruption, fraud, conspiracy and bribery are allegations currently angering the people of Guatemala.

Investigators allege top government officials received a cut from bribes paid by businesses that wanted to avoid import duties. The scandal has been called ”La Linea” or ”The Line”.

President Otto Perez Molina now faces impeachment proceedings. His former deputy has been jailed, and many of his cabinet ministers have quit in protest.

Guatemalan protesters say it is time for their president to face justice.

So, what next for the president? And can political corruption be weeded out of Guatemala for good?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Martin Rodriguez Pellecer – Editor-in-chief of magazine.

Anita Isaacs – Professor of political science at Haverford College.

Roberto Wagner – Professor of International Relations at Francisco Marroquin University.