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Chaos in Kos: Greece on the frontline of migrant crisis

The Greek islands are struggling to cope with large number of migrants.

Europe is witnessing the biggest refugee crisis since the second World War.

And yet, a solid solution still seems far away.

Nearly one quarter of a million migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe this year, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

Of these, about half have come to the Greek islands…including Kos.

There, the situation is desperate. It is hot, food and water are scarce, and many migrants are living in tents or in cardboard boxes on the street.

Syrian refugees are being processed for asylum – but that has led to scuffles among other migrants who say they are being left behind.

So what are the processing criteria?

And who gets to decide? 

Presenter: Mike Hanna


Christopher Miller –  Conflict and Crisis Correspondent in Kos for Mashable.

Joel Millman – Spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration.

Thom Brooks – Specialist in Immigration Law and Policy.