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What lies ahead for the eurozone?

Group’s viability and future in question after Greeks overwhelmingly reject new austerity measures in referendum.

European leaders have called a summit for Tuesday, to discuss how to move forward after Greeks overwhelmingly rejected the terms of a deal that would have imposed more austerity measures on their economy.

Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras says he is ready to resume talks with his country’s lenders on a new bailout deal.

But many are warning that the “No” vote could deepen Greece’s standoff with those creditors and throw the future of the country’s membership of the eurozone into further doubt.

So, will Greece be forced to give up the euro? and what does this mean for the eurozone?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Ferdinando Giugliano, Economic Correspondent, Financial Times.

Stephen Keen, School of Economics, History & Politics, Kingston University, London.

George Kratsas, Corporate Lawyer and Specialist on EU laws and Financial Reguations.