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Netanyahu’s wobbly government: Will it hold?

Israeli Prime Minister manages to form coalition with far-right Jewish Home party at the last minute.

After weeks of negotiation, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu barely met the deadline to form a new government on Wednesday night. Narrowly securing a majority in parliament with just one seat.

But it puts his government in a precarious position.

With some analysts doubting how long Netanyahu can hold it all together.

But the Israeli Prime Minister faces other problems too. His coalition has been described as the most right wing in Israel’s history.

Which could put the country at odds with the United States and its other allies. And place even more obstacles in the way of negotiations with the Palestinians.

So will this new coaltion government survive? And will Netanyahu be at the mercy of his right wing partners

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Ilan Baruch – Former Israeli Ambassador to South Africa who resigned four years ago over political differences with the Israeli government.

Mitchell Barak – Founder of KEEVOON Global Research, an Israel-based firm that researches political communication.

Akiva Eldar – Senior Columnist at