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How important is Africa to the US?

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Africa seeking influence in the continent and pledging support against armed groups.

Kerry made a surprise visit to Somalia, becoming the first US Secretary of State to visit the horn of Africa nation. It is a strong show of support for the Somali government as it continues to fight al-Shabab fighters.

Earlier, Kerry was in Kenya and Djibouti. He held talks focusing on how to fight armed groups in the region. He pledged US support to take on those groups.

But many say the US is not doing enough to help African countries face their security challegnes.

So, can the US have a real influence in Africa?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Manji Cheto – Vice President of Teneo Intelligence.

Cara Jones – Assistant Professor of Political Science at Mary Baldwin College.

Afyare Elmi – Professor of International Affairs at Qatar University.