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The truce test in Yemen

A ceasefire will test all sides’ willingness to reach a political solution to the conflict that has devastated country.

The five-day ceasefire in Yemen will allow the delivery of much-needed aid to millions of people.

Saudi Arabia says the truce might be extended if the process of delivering humanitarian aid is successful and if the Houthis do not engage in any attacks.

There are also hopes the break in the fighting might pave the way for all sides to reach a political deal.

But are those inolved prepared to talk? And is Yemen facing further unrest?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Afzal Ashraf – Consultant Fellow, focusing on international diplomacy at the Royal United Services Institute.

Ahmed Al Ibrahim – Political Analyst specialising in Saudi affairs.

Hakim Al Masmari – Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Post.