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Can Syrian rebels unite against Assad?

An alliance of opposition forces seizes control of a second strategic city from government troops.

A loose alliance of rebel groups in Syria is claiming a second significant victory against government forces in less than a month.

The opposition offensive in northern Idlib province was spearheaded by al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, Nusra Front.

Fighting under the banner, “Army of Conquest”, rebel allies seized control of the provincial capital Idlib at the end of March. 

A broader union of fighters says it has now overrun nearby Jisr al Shughur.

The city was one of the first places to take up arms against president Assad, when security forces cracked down on protests.

The fight for Idlib province comes ahead of UN-backed talks in Geneva on May 4.

So can opposition groups present a united front in the push for peace? Or will the pursuit of different agendas eclipse the fight against a common enemy?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Mario Abou Zeid – a research analyst at the Carnegie Middle East Center.

Mamoun Abu-Nowar – who is a retired Jordanian Air Force General.

Kamel Wazne – founder of the Center of American Strategic Studies.