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From: Inside Story

Syria tomb operation: A change in Turkey’s policy?

About 600 Turkish troops crossed into Syria to save tomb of grandfather of Ottoman empire’s founder without permission.

Almost 600 Turkish troops have entered Syriain an operation described by Damascus as an act of “flagrant aggression”.

The move was meant to rescue a number of Turkish soldiers and move the tomb of the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire.

The Turkish government said it did not seek the permission of anyone but had informed the coalition fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group. 

What is the significance of this operation? Could it signal similiar operations in future?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Kamran Bokhari – an adviser to Stratfor in Middle Eastern and South Asian affairs.

Ammar Waqqaf – Syrian political activist.

Haldun Solmazturk – a former Brigadier General of the Turkish Military and senior fellow with the International Security Department at Chatham House.