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Political uncertainty in Spain as new forces emerge

Spain’s traditional two-party system is now gone as two new parties will define the political landscape.

Spain’s People’s Party (PP) will struggle to hold on to power after Sunday’s general election produced no outright winner. It was an election result that will transform Spanish politics.

The traditional two-party system is now gone and two new parties – Podemos and Ciudadanos – will define the political landscape.

PP leader and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy must now negotiate with other parties to try to form a government.

So what does it all mean for Spain and why did so many voters reject the two main parties?  And how will Europe see the change?

Presenter: Nick Clark


Antonio Barroso, senior vice president at Teneo Intelligence and former senior analyst at Eurasia group.

Berta Barbet Porta, a specialist on political behaviour and public opinion.

Cristobal Herrera, professor at Carlos III University.