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Are Russia and the US escalating the war in Syria?

Russian intervention has left the US with little room to manoeuvre as Syria’s changing battle lines become more complex.

Syria’s ever changing battle lines have become even more complex since Russian air strikes began two weeks ago.

The Kremlin says the air strikes have intensified this week. 

They appear to have provided the Syrian government an opportunity to start a new ground offensive.

Thousands of Iranian troops have reportedly been drafted in to fight alongside Syrian government and Hezbollah forces.

Syrian opposition fighters say they are ready for the fight after being re-supplied with US made anti-tank missiles to help turn the tide against the Syrian regime.

So, is the tug of war over Syria heating up between Russia and the US?

Will it lead to resolution or deeper conflict?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Andreas Krieg – Strategic defence analyst and assistant professor at the Defense Studies Department of King’s College London.

Yezid Sayigh – Senior Associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center.

Sami Nader – Director of the Levant Institute for Strategic Affairs.