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Will Afghanistan’s power sharing deal work?

Presidential candidates ended months of deadlock by signing agreement.

Afghanistan’s rival presidential candidates had agreed a power-sharing deal.

Ashraf Ghani will become president and Abdullah Abdullah is likely take the newly created position of chief executive.

The position has substantial powers over the cabinet and a new body called a ‘council of ministers’, while not removing the presidential powers outlined in Afghanistan’s constitution.

The accord was welcomed by the US, whose secretary of state, John Kerry, helped broker negotiations over the past two months.

One of Ghani’s first acts will be to sign a long-delayed bilateral security agreement with the US. He has previously declared support for the pact to allow a small force of foreign troops to remain in Afghanistan after this year’s deadline.

But will this deal hold? And will it lead to stability in Afghanistan?

Presenter: Mike Hanna


Helena Malikyar – historian and commentator on Afghan issues.

Thomas Ruttig – co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.  

Ahmad Nader Nadery – chairman of the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan.