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From: Inside Story

The Future of Kashmir

State elections in Indian-administered Kashmir attract record voter turnout.

Elections in Indian-administered Kashmir have for the most part been viewed with deep scepticism. Many Kashmiris say the process is illegitmate and futile. As a result, boycotts and low voter turnout have been common.

But things may be changing in the conflict-ridden region. The latest state assembly elections attracted a record number of Kashmiris to the polls, with a voter turnout not seen in 25 years.

Indian observers say it proves Kashmiris are more willing to engage in the political process. But that’s not a view shared by everyone – many Kashmiris are still deeply suspicious of New Delhi’s plans for Kashmir.

Inside Story asks whether a shift is afoot in Kashmir. And what the future of the region looks like under a Narendra Modi government.

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Saba Naqvi: Political Editor of Outlook Magazine.

Victoria Schofield:  an independent analyst on Kashmir and author of Kashmir in Conflict

Mushaal Mullick:  chairwoman of the Peace and Culture Organisation and wife of jailed separatist leader, Yasin Malik.