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Can PA end security coordination with Israel?

Israeli troops are accused of killing a Palestinian minister in scuffles with demonstrators.

Thousands of angry Palestinians took part in the funeral of Ziad Abu Ein, the minister who died on Wednesday after being grabbed by the neck by an Israeli policeman at a West Bank protest. The incident has raised more tension with Israel.

Some Palestinian officials indicated that cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli security forces in the West Bank could be suspended as a result of Abu Ein’s death.  

So-called security coordination with Israel arose out of the Oslo accords, requiring Palestinian and Israeli security forces to “coordinate” in the occupied territories. Critics say in practice, Palestinian security forces help enforce the occupation on Israel’s behalf. 

Can the Palestinian Authority really stop this coordination? And what would the consequences be?

Hazem Sika
Akiva Eldar – Senior Columnist with Al Monitor
Ghassan Khatib – Vice President of Birzeit University
And in Washington, Matthew Duss – President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace