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Facing the tests of global family planning

Deaths of 14 Indian women due to sterilisation surgery cast spotlight on the world’s oldest family planning programme.

The recent deaths of 14 women who had sterilisation surgery in India has cast a spotlight on the world’s oldest family planning programme.

While global efforts are bringing contraception to millions more women and girls, there are bigger obstacles that need to be overcome.

Since 2012, nearly 8.5 million more women and girls are using modern contraceptives, bringing the total number of users in the 69 focus countries to 274 million, with an estimated 77 million unintended pregnancies averted.

What are the challenges that needed to be overcome to expand the programme?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Dr. R.C.M. Kaza – a surgeon and specialist in family planning and male sterilisation in New Delhi.

Dr. Akinyele Dairo – reproductive rights expert at the United Nations Population Fund.