From: Inside Story

Haiti: a nation in trouble

How will political uncertainty and unrest impact the country’s recovery efforts?

Still struggling to recover from January’s devastating earthquake and a recent cholera outbreak, Haiti is now experiencing turmoil and unrest after its deeply controversial presidential election.

The troubled country held its presidential polls on November 28, and the initial results were announced on Tuesday.
Mirlande Manigat, the former first lady, took first place with 31 per cent. Government-backed candidate Jude Celestin got 22.5 per cent, and Michel Martelly finished third with 21.8 per cent – eliminating him from the run-off scheduled for next month. 
But, Martelly’s supporters are violently protesting against what they say was a fraudulent result.

Just where will the current unrest lead this impoverished country? How will the political uncertainty impact the recovery efforts? And how will the international community react?

Joining the programme are Christian Wisskirchen, the chairman of the Haiti Support Group, Nora Rasman, a programme associate from the Trans Africa Forum, and Monica Villamizar, an Al Jazeera correspondent who has covered Haiti extensively.

This episode of Inside Story aired from Thursday, December 9.