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Turkey’s division

Country’s top court is set to hear a case that could close down the ruling AK party.

If the case is successful, Erdogan, right, could
be barred from office for five years [AFP]

A court case brought against Turkey’s ruling party, could see the party closed down and the prime minister barred from office.

On Monday Turkey’s top court unanimously voted to hear a case aimed at shutting down the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP).
The case is based on allegations that the AKP is supporting Islamist activity that could undermine the secular Turkish state. 

The case is causing divisions in Turkey.

If it is successful, the president, prime minister, and dozens of other party officials would be banned from politics for five years.
Is the party’s leanings the real issue? Or is a changing society at the heart of the struggle?

Inside Story, presented by Sami Zeidan, investigates.


This episode of Inside Story aired on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 17:30 GMT

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