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Will Bush bow to pressure at home?

The president’s support base is eroding as he battles a Republican rebellion.

British MP Jeremy Corbyn

The Bush administration’s policy on Iraq is increasingly under fire at home. The administration is trying to limit a Republican rebellion in Congress, as the president’s support base continues to erode. 

An interim report released this week to assess President Bush’s troop increase strategy has painted a negative picture of the situation in Iraq. This comes on the heels of a recent US intelligence view that Iraqi forces are incapable of taking charge of security. Amid these gloomy reviews, the deepening sectarian political divide continues to tear the country apart.

Bashar Al-Jaafari is the Syrian ambassador
to the UN

With calls for an American troop withdrawal from Iraq growing louder, George Bush is under pressure to offer changes to his military strategy or risk a reduction in funding.

But what will happen in September when the full report is presented to Congress and if General Petraeus says he needs more time, that progress is slow and the Iraqi government is not doing its share?

Will Bush bow to pressure at home and abandon Iraq? And if so, how would its European allies and the Arab world react to an American withdrawal in Iraq?

Our guests this week are US Ambassador David Satterfield, Dr Al-Jaafari, the Syrian ambassador to the UN, and British MP Jeremy Corbyn.

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