Talk to Al Jazeera: In the Field

Sudan floods: A devastating aftermath

As Sudan faced the worst floods in a century, we travelled to Khartoum to meet some of those most affected.

Record levels of rainfall have caused the worst flooding on the Nile River for 100 years.

As the floods swept away livestock and crops, it led to the Nile – the lifeblood of Sudan’s rich agricultural production – becoming a relentless enemy.

The United Nations estimated that 500 square kilometres (193 square miles) of land was submerged in the capital Khartoum, White Nile states and Al Gezira.

With crops washed away, nearly 10 million Sudanese face food shortages and are in desperate need of assistance.

Can Sudan overcome yet another crisis?

On this edition of Talk to Al Jazeera: In the Field, we find out more about the damage caused.