From: Frost Over the World

The Arab Spring

In a special compilation programme, we look back at Sir David’s best interviews on the developments in the Middle East.

In a special compilation programme we look back at Sir David’s best interviews over the last five months.

Part one focuses on the Arab Spring. Sir David talks to Mohamed ElBaradei, an Egyptian democracy advocate, who discusses events in Egypt following the ousting of President Mubarak; Prince el-Hassan bin Talal, the Prince of Jordan; and Mohammed el-Senussi, the Crown Prince of Libya.

Plus, Tony Blair, the former British prime minister and current Quartet Middle East envoy, gives his views on developments in the Middle East. 

Part two

In the second part of the show Sir David speaks to: Sting, the popular singer and activist; David Campese, a former Australian rugby player; Mia Farrow, a former Golden Globe winning actress about her work with the UN in Sudan; and Alicia Keys, a music artist and AIDS activist, about her music career and her work in rolling out HIV/AIDS treatment across Africa and India.

This episode of Frost Over the World aired from Friday, July 1, 2011.