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Made in France: In the Name of War

Shrapnel from Israeli missiles that killed three children in Gaza in 2014 exposes French arms manufacturers, accused of complicity in a French court of law.

Are arms manufacturers responsible for crimes committed using their weapons?

In 2014, Afnan, Jihad and Wasim, three children from the Shoaiba family, were killed by Israeli missiles while playing on the rooftop of their home in the Gaza Strip. Shrapnel and other evidence collected from the scene revealed that they were killed by a missile with component parts that were clearly labelled “Made In France”.

In this documentary, we follow Yamen Al Madhoun, a Gazan human rights investigator, as he painstakingly collects evidence and witness testimonies immediately after the Israeli attack Operation Protective Edge. Al Madhoun builds the case in Gaza and works remotely with a team of French lawyers. But in this David and Goliath story, they are taking on one of the largest arms exporters in the world.