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Fast Fashion

In a world of hyper-consumption, this investigation explores the low-cost, disposable fashion industry, and the high price paid by people and the planet.

The planet is overwhelmed with clothes; close to 56 million tonnes are sold every year.

Thanks to low-cost, disposable fashion produced at record speeds, many people can now constantly update their wardrobes. But this comes at a great price to the environment and humanity. Pollution, very low paid factory workers, associated community health problems and even our manipulated consumer psyches are all the consequences of this growing industry.

Fast Fashion explores multiple aspects of the disposable fashion world in Europe and India. It digs into why people seem to want so many new clothes – the psychology of branding and neuro-marketing, the role of fashion influencers and the emergence of shopping addiction – and takes a detailed look at how the industry emerged and works.

Despite an emerging “slow fashion” movement, this may not be enough to mitigate the effect of our relentless consumption of throwaway clothes.