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The Fans Who Make Football: Boca Juniors FC

The story of Boca Juniors, their super-fans and how they became a team for the working class in Argentina.

Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires has the largest concentration of football clubs in the world. The two most famous are Boca Juniors and River Plate. Their stadiums are only seven kilometres apart and most of Argentina’s population is loyal to one of these two clubs. But, while they may share the same city, they each have a vastly different ethos.

Club Atletico Boca Juniors were founded in 1905, and have become known as the team for the working class. It was Boca Juniors who nurtured the rise of the Argentinian hero, the late Diego Maradona – a God-like figure among many football fans. To the supporters of these two clubs, it is not just football rivalry. It has become a battle between rich and poor.

This documentary follows Boca Junior super-fans as they reveal how and why they became the voice for the common man and woman.