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The Truth about 5G: What is driving the global anti-5G movement?

An investigation into the debate about 5G technology, conspiracy theories and threats of a new technological Cold War.

The Truth about 5G investigates the rise of the anti-5G movement and the spread of wild conspiracy theories tying the COVID-19 pandemic to the 5G rollout plan.

In the process of piecing together the viral spread of these theories, a sophisticated misinformation campaign is uncovered. Activists claiming 5G is an invisible and potentially deadly health hazard, blame the radiation emitted by the technology for a range of long-term health problems. They have demanded an immediate end to the current rollout, protesting in the streets even amidst the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This documentary investigates these claims, exploring how 5G technology really works and examining the scientific studies undertaken into whether it is in fact a threat to our health.

On the other hand, security experts say the real and present danger around 5G is not a health concern, but rather the deepening technological Cold War between the most developed countries in the world, in which the global contest for 5G supremacy is escalating.