Fault Lines

Haiti in a time of cholera

Fault Lines follows the trail of responsibility for an epidemic that killed thousands.

The letter was one paragraph about how the UN was sorry about the cholera ... and then a paragraph ... saying that they were not going to respond justily to the ... victims.

by Brian Concannon, Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Nearly 8,000 people have died horrible painful deaths in Haiti since a cholera epidemic swept the country after the catastrophic January 2010 earthquake.

Over half a million others have been infected and dozens are still dying every week.

The scientific evidence shows that the United Nations almost certainly brought the disease into the country.

But the UN still refuses to acknowledge responsibility.

Fault Lines travels to Haiti to witness the death, the pain, and the fight for compensation.

It then takes its investigation to the UN headquarters in New York, to ask questions of those who are most likely to be responsible.