Faces of China

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Documentaries by Chinese filmmakers reveal the untold drama behind the rise of the new China.

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A team of mag­is­trates trav­el by mo­tor­bike to re­mote moun­tain vil­lages in a bid to bring state jus­tice to rur­al Chi­na.

Published On 31 Jan 2011
Faces of China - Travelling court

Fengjiang is home to a vast dig­i­tal dump­ing ground, but e-waste could be en­dan­ger­ing those who live and work there.

Published On 25 Jan 2011

An im­pov­er­ished fam­i­ly faces un­cer­tain­ty af­ter a dev­as­tat­ing flood wash­es away their home.

Published On 17 Jan 2011
Faces of China - A New Shelter

We fol­low one cou­ple’s strug­gle to keep the an­cient tra­di­tion of sto­ry­telling alive in mod­ern Chi­na.

Published On 11 Jan 2011
Faces of China - Three strings graphic