President-elect Donald Trump

The Reckoning: From Obama to Trump

Marwan Bishara examines President Obama’s legacy following Donald Trump’s victory and what this means for America.

Editor’s note: This film is no longer available online.

The reckoning.

Donald Trump ran on a promise to tear down everything and anything Barack Obama had done.
Now it’s time for the reckoning.
Will Obama’s legacy, in fact, all be wrecked?
Will some of it stand, no matter what?
Will some of it be knocked to the ground now, with resurrection sure to come in the near future?

Marwan Bishara embarks on a journey of discovery.
Into the immediate past, the eight years of Obama.
Coming into office when America – indeed the whole world – was on the verge of another Great Depression.
Bringing the crash to a soft landing guiding it into a recovery.
Trying to end the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but ending with even more chaos.

Into the shouting and confusion of today.
And a look into the future.

What will Obama’s legacy really be?
For America.
For the rest of the world.