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From: Empire

The US and Cuba: Obsession

After decades of tension and hostility between the two nations, has change finally come to US-Cuba relations?

After more than five decades of hostilities and tensions between the two nations, Empire examines the changes underway in Cuba and US-Cuban relations today, debating their implications on the future of the Americas.

We travel to Havana, Washington DC and Miami – the heart of the Cuban exile community – in search of answers: Are the days of war – hot war, cold war, espionage and economic wars – over?

We speak with Cubans from all walks of life about living under the US-led embargo.

Will Havana be able to start up its economy, attract investments and generate growth, without compromising its relatively high standards on health, education and security?

In the first televised debate of its kind by foreign media in Cuba, Empire asks about the changes happening on the island nation. How real, how deep, how democratic is the evolution under the presidency of Raul Castro?

After taking stock of their past relations, we try to decipher the persistent ambiguities in today’s US-Cuban relationship, and discuss the causes behind their incoherent foreign policies.

With Latin America emboldened and Cuba changing, will Washington embark on a bold change of policy or face greater isolation in the Americas?