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Extended Interview: Teflon

The Greek band talks about struggling in the midst of an economic crisis and how this reality reflects in their songs.

Teflon is an Athens-based band that describes their music as “somewhere between post-rock and alternative”.

Many of the band-members have first-hand experience of the effects of the economic crisis in Greece, and their lyrics reflect both the despair and hope in the country right now.

Three out of five of them are unemployed and say they try to get by with occasional work. Of the two that work, one is a freelance geotechnical engineer and the other works as a delivery boy.

Kostas Gamma is the vocalist and guitar player, Dimitris Grigoriadis plays the drums, Dimitris Pallis is the bassist, Kostas Tsiolis plays the keyboards, and Thanasis Dimakopoulos plays the guitar.

They hope to self-release their first album soon, which consists of songs written and composed between 2007-2010.

In this extended interview, the band talks about their concerns and struggles as they try to make it on a continent in economic crisis, and how this reality is reflected in the lyrics they sing.

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