Empire - Tunisia: A revolutionary model

Tunisia: A revolutionary model?

A year after the Jasmine Revolution, can the country’s new government fix the vast social injustices that triggered it?

One year ago, Tunisia overthrew decades of oppression and dictatorship. Its revolution rocked the Middle East and inspired the ‘Arab Spring’.

Now, Tunisia has adopted an interim constitution, held free and fair elections, and is becoming a modern democratic state.

But does the recent electoral success of the Islamists herald a return to narrow, sectarian rule or consensual leadership?

Will the interim president, Moncef Marzouki, be able to bridge the divide between secular, democratic principles and more extreme views?

And perhaps the biggest question of all is can the new government fix the ailing economy and vast social injustices that triggered the Tunisian revolution in the first place?

The Jasmine Revolution was the result of years of pain, suffering and courage that could finally bear fruit.


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