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‘War on terror’ through Muslim eyes

Caught in the crossfire, how do the world’s Muslims view al-Qaeda?

Since al-Qaeda declared holy war against the world’s only superpower a decade ago, Washington has either been in denial or is no closer to understanding what really motivates al-Qaeda militants and its affiliates, or how to deal with them.

Despite trillions of dollars spent and the deaths of thousands of US soldiers, al-Qaeda’s top leaders remain at large and are still claiming responsibility for attacks against Western targets, as new franchises or offshoots spring up in unlikely places.

Caught in the crossfire are the world’s Muslims.

In this episode, Empire looks at how al-Qaeda is perceived in the Muslim world.

We will analyse whether the US’ so-called ‘war on terror’ – with its deadly tactics and support for corrupt rulers – serves only to alienate Muslims, driving them into the arms of extremist groups.

We will ask if the US can reverse the tide of military intervention in the region and instead try to reach political solutions that involve all political parties, including repressed Islamic parties.

We will also discuss whether the Arab world has an answer to the al-Qaeda challenge.


Mohammed Badie, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader

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