Healthy Eating: What to do about meat and dairy?

earthrise goes to the UK and Chile to explore ways to break our addiction to animal protein and eat dishes that are healthy for both people and the planet.

As populations grow and incomes rise, we are eating more and more meat and dairy. Intensive livestock farming, however, requires huge amounts of resources and is highly polluting. Yet, animal protein is essential to the 1.3 billion people who depend on livestock to survive.

So, what is the solution? To forego animal protein? Eat less of it? Or get it from sustainable and ethical sources?

To find out, we go to Santiago, Chile, where a pioneering company is revolutionising the food industry with plants and artificial intelligence.

At Knepp Estate in the United Kingdom, we meet farmers rearing meat on restored dairy and crop lands. And we speak to eminent scientist Johan Rockström about the “flexitarian diet”.

With reports from We Are South in Chile and Cassie Farrell in the UK, we see that diets can be good not only for people but also for the planet.