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From: earthrise

Rooftop Farming

Introducing microalgae to the masses with spirulina rooftop farming.

A Bangkok-based  startup called EnerGaia is pioneering a unique urban farming model. Across the city’s neglected rooftops, a small team of chemists and engineers are growing a nutritional supplement which also happens to be one of the planet’s oldest life forms: spirulina.

This organism is a fast-growing blue-green algae with an estimated protein content of 60 percent and contains essential fatty acids and vitamins. In fact, this superfood grows rapidly without the need for soil or fertilisers and can convert carbon dioxide from industry into to a highly nutritious food.

As our global demand for food increases and our appetite for protein-rich sustenance grows, could spirulina be one part of the solution?

Join Russell Beard in Bangkok as he meets the team spearheading  a new generation of urban spirulina farms.