Pink Horned Rhino

A colourful solution to rhino horn poaching in South Africa.

Wildlife crime is now as lucrative as trafficking in drugs, arms and human beings. And with a rhino horn fetching up to half a million US dollars on the black market, these animals are increasingly at risk.

But an innovative project in South Africa is sabotaging the poacher’s bounty. The Rhino Rescue Project is a specialist team of conservationists who are combatting the hunter’s sophisticated techniques with a special pink dye.

The liquid is infused into the rhino’s horn while the animal is sedated. The process is completely harmless to the rhino but could be fatal to any human who ingests the horn for medicinal use.

Staining the horn pink also ruins it for any ornamental purpose making it valueless to potential poachers.

Join Gelareh Darabi and conservationists fighting to protect rhinos from extinction in South Africa’s Kapama Reserve.


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