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Bees of Berlin & Conserving Canada’s Great Rainforest

Conserving ‘Canada’s Amazon’, retrofitting London’s old houses, and boosting bee numbers in Berlin.

On this episode of earthrise: The government of British Columbia has created the most comprehensive rainforest conservation plan in North American history for the Great Bear Rainforest, also known as Canada’s Amazon.

Bee numbers are decreasing all over the world, including in Germany, where disease, mites and the use of insecticides have halved bee populations since the 1980s. But the last few years have seen a huge resurgence of interest in urban beekeeping worldwide, and there are now 570 apiarists in Berlin alone.

And, retrofitting is becoming all the rage in London. This is the process of taking an existing building, adding new technology or features to its older systems, and making it more environmentally friendly by cutting carbon emissions and making it more fuel-efficient. We meet one of London’s retrofitting pioneers.