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From: earthrise

Protecting Kenya’s elephants & eco-toilets in Haiti

earthrise returns with bees in Kenya’s human-elephant conflict, diving for hardwood in Belize and Haiti’s eco-toilets.

In recent years, a successful conservation programme has seen the number of elephants rise in Kenya. But the problem is marauding gangs of elephants are increasingly raiding farmers’ crops and destroying property. The solution – to exploit a surprising fact: elephants are terrified of bees.

Haiti’s Cite Soleil recently unveiled a new, environmentally-friendly toilet, which will also be used to create much-needed compost for the adjacent community garden. Hundreds of people in many of Haiti’s camps are forced to share a single toilet. A Haiti-based charity, SOIL, is tackling the problem with easy-to-maintain eco-friendly loos.

The Belize River has been holding precious hardwoods cut more than 200 years ago that sank to the riverbed in the process of transporting them to the market. A new project now aims to reduce deforestation by tracking them down using modern technology.