Democracy Maybe

My Life for Democracy

Young activists in Myanmar and Thailand risk their lives and face imprisonment in their fight for democracy.

In Thailand and Myanmar, an activist and a politician who both believe democracy is worth dying for, risk imprisonment, torture, and their lives and limbs in the pursuit of freedom and representation.

The journey begins in Yangon, Myanmar where thousands took part in massive protests against the February 2021 military coup. Several hundred people lost their lives in a struggle to maintain their elected government. Young politician and activist, Ei Thinzar Maung, leads the fight against the new military government and explains why this struggle is crucial for her country.

We then travel to Bangkok to meet the young pro-democracy protesters determined to change Thailand’s politics. We follow “Rung”, a protest leader and spokesperson of the Thailand students’ movement, and see the enormity of what this 22-year-old faces in the fight for change. We leave her as she heads for imprisonment.