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From: Counting the Cost

Why Russian mercenaries seized control of key oilfield in Libya

Despite losing ground, Moscow sends war planes and Russian mercenaries to Libya. Plus, Lebanon’s deadly explosion.

Russian mercenary groups have enabled renegade military commander Khalifa Hafter, who is based in eastern Libya, to blockade the country’s oil exports, starving the country of much-needed money.

Moscow’s backing of Haftar, a former CIA asset, has increased tensions with the United States. Russian private military contractors are active in 16 African nations. How is the country paying for its overseas wars?

Also on Counting the Cost: Currency crisis, debt default, hyperinflation and poverty – Lebanon was in economic and political paralysis long before the devastating explosion in Beirut. With corruption rife, is it time for a Marshall Fund?

Plus, we discuss weaponising data and disinformation to manipulate elections. Hostile nations are using artificial intelligence to get past social media defences.