Counting the Cost

Tunisia’s youth unemployment crisis

Nazanine Moshiri looks at how rising unemployment is shaping a nation’s choices ahead of elections.

Four years ago, Tunisia was the trigger for the rest of the Arab Spring. And the trigger for so much of the Arab world’s revolution was jobs.

Jobs and dignity were among the slogans from the uprising in 2011, so there is frustration that unemployment keeps rising.

The government says it is trying to create jobs but the economic uncertainty has led to many young people to travelling to Europe illegally and it may have partly contributed to what the ministry of interior says, is the presence of 2,000 Tunisians in armed groups in Syria and Iraq.

From Tunisia, where 17 percent of people are still jobless and almost one-third of graduates cannot find work, Al Jazeera‘s Nazanine Moshiri filed a report ahead of the elections.