From: Counting the Cost

The battle for the South China Sea

Who owns the world’s busiest shipping lane and what lies below the surface that is causing growing tensions?

Six countries are all scrambling for the South China Sea. China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan and Malaysia are all making claims to it.  

But why now? China estimates there could be up to 213 billion barrels of oil beneath the sea. This would mean China would have the world’s second-largest proven oil reserves, just falling behind Saudi Arabia, which has 264 billion barrels.

There are also estimates of up to two quadrillion cubic feet of hydrocarbon natural gas. 

Also corruption and bribery in the beautiful game. We look at the crisis at the heart of FIFA and how it can fix its reputation after facing allegations of bribery and corruption. Counting the Cost scrutinises FIFA’s 2010 financial report.

And protecting the rain forests. The clash between business and environment in Indonesia where a two-year government ban on rainforest logging is facing challenges.

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