Latin America economy - Counting the Cost
Counting the Cost

The rise of Latin America

A special in-depth look at Latin America and the issues behind its economic success story.

For a long time, Latin America has been a region plagued by economic troubles and poverty, constantly going cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But now it is a continent that has pulled itself out of the mire, thanks to the good fortune of minerals and oil, and is being courted by the IMF to help bail out the eurozone.

Although there is an overall picture of contraction in Latin America, the key thing to remember is that it is all still in positive territory. There are no signs of recession and much better growth numbers than in Europe and North America.

Counting the Cost takes a closer look at indicators to show growth trends across the region. A team of reporters from across the continent bring exclusive reports.

In Argentina, we investigate the rise of South America and its reliance on China for exports.

We look at Peru, the fastest growing economy in Latin America, where Asia’s demand for raw materials is transforming the landscape.

And shop until you drop in Brazil: it is not all exports, as a growing middle class spends more and more, with new-found consumerism helping small businesses.


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