Bollywood Dreams

Recurring Dreams: Bollywood’s lifelong fight for fame

Too old to make it or too young to give up? Two struggling actors try to realise their lifelong dreams in Bollywood.

Sunny and Prashant are two very different men with the same Bollywood dream. They are both struggling to make it, but feign optimism, telling their families that success is “just round the corner” – while nothing could be further from the truth.

Prashant is young, arrogant and exudes the confidence of a man who has already made it. He left his small village at the age of 14 and is now in his 20s, willing to take any small part to survive in Mumbai. However, the recent loss of his father means he must now provide for his family back home. With no permanent income and unable to afford his own rent, the pressure to succeed has never been greater.

Prashant’s story mirrors Sunny’s past. He came to Bollywood as a young man. Now aged 69, he has only ever managed to land bit parts, with little recognition. Sunny has spent his entire adult life waiting for his big break, which has so far eluded him. His quest for fame has come at the expense of his long-suffering wife who he has neglected for years. Now as he approaches his 70s, Sunny is alone, has no money and still struggles to survive. But nothing seems to deter him from his dream.