Bollywood Dreams

Dare to Dream: The Bollywood dancers

The story of the performers who are desperate to make it in Bollywood – where dance is a unique part of the storytelling.

In Bollywood films, dance is unique in its ability to be a part of the storytelling. From the thrilling movements and dramatic facial expressions of the performers to their vibrant makeup and brilliant outfits, it’s little surprise that many in India want to be the name behind the big dance numbers.

Vijaya – a woman who lives, eats and breathes dance – has a love for a traditional folk dance called Lavani. But her choice to pursue her passion comes with consequences. We watch as she chooses dance over her parents and continues to perform despite the traditional and cultural expectations for women in her community.

Elsewhere, Satish is a young choreographer desperate for recognition in Bollywood’s competitive dance industry. The pandemic has meant he isn’t getting much work and his family is desperate for his financial support – but Satish can’t catch a break. His dance academy is failing, he’s not getting any gigs and is struggling to eke out a living. We watch as he struggles to make his dreams come true in an unforgiving industry.