Bollywood Dreams

Daydreams of Stardom and Nightmares of Failure

Unknown and underpaid, the stuntmen of Bollywood risk life and limb to make it in the world’s biggest film industry.

Bollywood’s biggest blockbusters are often action-packed with death-defying scenes. But behind the big screen are the stunt men and women who risk life and limb to give these films the ultimate thrill.

With hardly any safety measures in place on set, many of these unknown and underpaid performers often end up injured – or worse. With no insurance, the tragic consequences of injury leave many penniless, disabled and unable to support themselves or their families.

We also tell the story of Nirisha. Born and raised in Nepal, she began her career as a model to support her family. But, unmarried and alone in Mumbai, she is vulnerable to the unwanted advances of those who promise to make her a star.

Despite accolades for past performances, Nirisha has not been able to build on her success as she refuses the seedy demands of directors and producers.

We watch as she navigates the cultural expectations of being a single woman in India, in an industry where powerful men often take advantage of their position.