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Is Big Tech colonising the internet? | All Hail

We’re in the midst of a great race for data and Big Tech companies are on the chase.

Google, WeChat, Facebook, Huawei and many other American and Chinese technology companies are racing to partner with governments across Africa and Asia, building telecommunications and technology infrastructure, “connecting the unconnected” and making mobile technology much more affordable. But in the process, are they building data empires and colonising the internet?

Join Ali Rae in this episode of All Hail The Algorithm – a five-part series exploring the effect of these invisible codes on our everyday lives.

Rae speaks to academics Nick Couldry and Ulises Mejias about the phenomenon they call “data colonisation”, and travels to Kenya where she speaks to political analyst Nanjala Nyabola, digital rights advocate Nanjira Sambuli, as well as representatives Adam Lane from Huawei Technologies and Charles Murito from Google Kenya.