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Do biometrics protect or compromise our privacy? | All Hail

Biometric technology is sparking one of the biggest privacy battles of our times.

I can unlock my phone with my face, you can access your bank account with your voice and fingerprints are often the key piece of information on a national ID card.  All of this – face, voice, fingerprints – they are our biometrics.

Unique algorithmic measurements of us are revolutionising the process of identification. But biometrics are far from perfect – their convenience and seeming infallibility comes at a price – most crucially, our privacy.

Join Ali Rae in episode 4 of ‘All Hail The Algorithm‘ – a five-part series exploring the impact of these invisible codes on our everyday lives.

In this episode, Ali speaks with researcher Stephanie Hare, Stefano Santoro from the World Food Programme, Griff Ferris from UK privacy group Big Brother Watch & British campaigner for children’s rights, Pippa King.