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What’s the cost of our clicks? | All Hail

Trolls, bots, fake news – there are algorithms at work behind online manipulation.

We are living in a world driven by scrolls, swipes, taps and clicks. And all these have an impact – they could mean big money for corporations, a big story going viral or big votes for a political party. Many times though, the impact can be much grimmer: hate speech, lynchings, even deaths.

Around the world, powerful entities are leveraging huge amounts of money to manipulate and influence us. And algorithms are central to those efforts – algorithms developed and designed to push specific types of content to us. Content that says, ‘click me’.

Join Ali Rae in this episode of ‘All Hail The Algorithm‘ – a five-part series exploring the impact of these invisible codes on our everyday lives.

In this episode Ali speaks with Mexican blogger turned internet activist Alberto Escorcia, Samantha Bradshaw from the Oxford Internet Institute and Luis de Uriarte from Facebook Mexico.