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Chad’s Football Dream

Football is Chad’s leading sport, yet the national team has yet to qualify for the top African and world tournaments.

Football is hugely popular in Chad but results on the pitch have been disappointing. It has never qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations or the World Cup.

In 2016, the national team was suspended after facing financial problems. That ban was lifted in 2019, the starting point of this film.

Players, coaches, politicians and fans all have conflicting views on how the national football team will find success. The weight of that responsibility now rests on a handful of players, each filled with footballing passion but without the resources they need.

In one of the poorest countries in the world, can the squad find success at last? What will it take to rebuild a team recovering from a ban from the Africa Cup of Nations, largely caused by financial problems? And how will it overcome these economic woes to deliver the wins they need?