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Refugees: Between worlds in Israel, Turkey and Greece

Short docs about an Eritrean boarding school in Israel, refugee children in Turkey and a hotel-turned-squat in Greece.

The Boys of Nitzana

Amar escaped repression in Eritrea as a teenager in order to find a better life.

A gruelling journey led him to a small school for undocumented migrants in Israel, known as Nitzana.

While the school welcomed Amar warmly, Israeli policy does not. 

Syria: No Strings

The Turkish town of Kilis, on the border with Syria, is full of refugees fleeing war.

Most of them are children, unified by a struggle that does not normally make the headlines: the battle to reconnect with their childhood.

But help is at hand from a group of Syrian teachers who are about to use a surprising tool to help children cope with the traumas of war – puppetry. 

Greece’s Tower of Babel

From the outside, the City Plaza Hotel in Athens looks like any other dilapidated building, abandoned during the Greek financial crisis.

But inside, it’s a unique space for hundreds of refugees and migrants.

Since left-wing activists occupied the once empty hotel in 2016, the building has functioned as a collective shelter, with refugees and activists cooking, cleaning, living and making decisions together.