Al Jazeera Correspondent

The creative process

Filmmaker and producer Lynn Ferguson gives an insight into the making of an Al Jazeera Correspondent episode.

“The important thing about the process of making a Correspondent , as opposed to other kinds of films, is that you have to be really, really flexible,” says Lynn Ferguson, a filmmaker who has produced two episodes for the series including this season’s Motherhood on Ice

“With Correspondent films, because it is real life, and nothing ever goes according to plan, you kind of go off this way or you go off that way, and literally every day you have to think, ‘where do we go from here?’ … So I have a roadmap, we film things, lots of things change, and we sort of welcome that,” she says.

Here, Lynn gives an insight into the joys and challenges involved in producing an Al Jazeera Correspondent film.

Tell us about the Al Jazeera Correspondent episodes you have produced:

How do you approach producing an episode of Al Jazeera Correspondent ?

Tell us about your experience working on the series and how important the team is?

What is the difference between working with somebody who is an experienced television correspondent and somebody with little on-camera experience?

You have worked on two sensitive topics for both episodes you have made for the series. How do you approach making these films?

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