Al Jazeera Correspondent

Meet the Correspondents

Al Jazeera journalists recount the personal journeys that lay the foundations for their films.

Personal stories are the foundation of the Al Jazeera Correspondent series. Four years of films have seen the channel’s journalists delve into topics as diverse as adoption, extreme sports, war, animal poaching, immigration, Zionism and even digital addiction.

In Trail of Murder: Indonesia’s Bloody Retreat, Step Vaessen confronts her past to tell the story of her friend and fellow journalist, Sander Thoenes, who was murdered by an Indonesian military  battalion in East Timor in 1999; in Not Yet Kenyan , Mohammed Adow  delves into issues of belonging and identity while examining the plight of Kenyan-Somalis living in Garissa; and in The Burma Boy , Barnaby Phillips  travels to Nigeria, Burma and Japan following one of the forgotten heroes of World War II.

Here, Step, Mohammed and Barnaby tell us more about their stories and the very personal journeys they each undertook in making these films: 

Step Vaessen – Trail of Murder: Indonesia’s Bloody Retreat


Mohammed Adow – Not Yet Kenyan


Barnaby Phillips – The Burma Boy